Hugh Britton Sanderford Jr.
Founder and CEO

Mr. Sanderford, a serial entrepreneur, founded his first company in 1976. Most recently exited AMDS, a Utility Automation leader, which returned 13.5X to investors; buyer sold for $1.8B. The company focused on Big Data collected from millions of meters in real-time to achieve utility cost reductions. This required creation of state of the art DSP based digital radio communications. His prior venture, Axonn LLC, developed Spread Spectrum communications -the first US company to be granted FCC part 15 approval; 18 companies licensed patents from Axonn. Axonn designed Satellite communications for SPOT (GlobalStar), winning Time Magazine’s Top 100 product award.

L. Malcolm Hutson, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Hutson’s dissertation was focused on non-linear, adaptive filtering algorithms for noisy sensor integration and state estimation in virtual reality body tracking, including a practical implementation in hardware. Currently, his focus is artificial intelligence inspired by the neuroscience of the human brain and its efficient implementation in GPUs. Malcolm oversees the ELCANO Funds and the FAE team responsible for back-testing and deploying various investment strategies.

Dan Jakubiec
Vice President

Mr. Jakubiec has a background in both Computer Science and Cognitive Science, with a long history of creating enterprise-scale software across multiple industries. Areas of technological focus have included machine learning, digital security, communications systems, analytics, big data, financial technology, and smart grid. At Focus Automated Equities, Mr. Jakubiec leads research, development, operations, and operations management related to automated trading using biologic neuron models and other types of Machine Learning methods.

Nick Hansel
Vice President, Strategy and Portfolio Management

Mr. Hansel has over a decade of experience in portfolio management, strategy, and financial technology. His expertise is in portfolio and risk management across US equities, options, and other derivative products. At FAE, Mr. Hansel oversees many aspects of the investment process including the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based technologies. He works closely with institutional, family office and high net worth investors seeking alpha generation while preserving capital and compressing volatility as FAE invents next-generation software and technology.

Rick Rees
Board Member

As Chairman and Co-Founder of LongueVue Capital, a leading middle market private equity firm, Rick currently serves as Chairman of the firm’s Investment Committee. Since the firm’s founding in 2001 and until 2023, Rick served as a General Partner of LVC and Co-Chair of the firm’s Investment and Executive Committees. Rick currently sits on the Board of Directors of LVC portfolio companies Jackson Offshore Holdings, ECA Medical Instruments, Pod Pack International, Associated MetalCast and Summit Plastics.

Tripp Friedler
Board Member

Tripp Friedler is CEO and Founder of FreeGulliver, LLC an RIA and Multi Family Office, advising both corporate and individual clients in ways to maximize abilities and achieve desired results.. Tripp is a Gulliver. A born adventurer, he has weathered his share of storms, has found himself tied down by little things, has cut plenty of knots, and now helps others chart their journeys around the jagged obstacles of unforeseen disasters and the whirlpools of complacency. Tripp has written Free Gulliver: Six Lessons in Life Planning (Trost Publishing) and his second book, a memoir called The Tunnel will be released in October of 2024. In addition, Tripp currently sits on the board of Politan Row, a food hall company.

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